The East Phandalin Company

The Howl of Wolves

Children-snatching werewolves

While revelling at the Sleeping Giant Taphouse, Quelline Alderleaf burst in, saying that wolves had taken her son, Carp – the boy who had told the heroes about the secret way into Tresendar Manor.

Lia and Regrim were joined by a stranger with no name, a Tiefling monk. They chased the wolves over the fields south of the manor, finding them tougher than normal wolves, two turning to face them, while the other ran off with the boy in its mouth.

A strange mist rose up as the heroes tried to track the wolf into the forest. They followed the tracks to a small hill where there was a strange barrel-roofed wagon sitting atop and a campfire surrounded by four people. A man and a woman in bright, colourful clothing, and a younger woman wrapped in a blanket and a sleeping child.

After discovering the ruse, the woman ran off into the forest, turning into a wolf. The heroes questioned the Vistani, but found them innocent, and Regrim and Nameless left to take the boy back to Phandalin whilst Lia would wait nearby the Vistani Vardo in case the werewolf returned.

Lia waited, but shortly after the vardo started rocking, she was assaulted by the werewolf in the forest. A battle ensued, but Lia was bitten. The werewolf escaped into the mists, but not before saying “He wants you back!”

Regrim and Nameless returned, finding a wounded Lia lying in the forest.



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