The East Phandalin Company


After defeating the dragon of Thundertree, the heroes departed the ruins, heading West towards Neverwinter to sell their spoils and prepare for an assault on Cragmaw Castle.

Arriving in the great city, Bree was forced to take a bath, but in doing so, was able to secure a place at a wealthy auction house to sell amongst other things the head of the dragon they slew.

During the evening, Regrim returned to his room to find a drow assassin waiting from him. He fired a poisoned crossbow bolt at Regrim, saying it was on behalf of the Matron Mother Zeerith Q’Xorlarrin, the drow tyrant he defeated at Gauntlgrym. However, the mighty Regrim was not affected by the poison, and the heroes fell on the assassin, who used invisibility to try and escape, which led Bree to cover the entire inn in a cloud of flour.

The assassin escaped out the window after revealing himself with another failed assassination attempt, and was shortly detained by the heroes, but the town guard took over and took the drow prisoner.

The ordeal over, the heroes departed Neverwinter, bound for Cragmaw Castle.



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