CN male human bard (college of lore)


Tector is a handsome human who stands at an imposing 6’3" tall. His brown hair is accentuated by his green eyes, and he boasts a tanned complexion from frequent travel about the realms.


Growing up in Baldur’s Gate, Tector always felt that the law often got in the way of what is just and right. Although the Flaming Fist kept the criminals off the streets, they refused to do anything about Tector’s father Torc, who was a bully, and ruled his house with a heavy hand, beating Tector, his mother Iola, and his six sisters for the slightest offences.

Tector found his escape among the theatre troupes and musicians that visited the city, discovering a life-long love of music. Torc, who was a simple dockworker and a drunk, thought that Tector’s love of music was utter folly, and scolded him any time that it was mentioned. Iola was more supportive, and encouraged Tector to pursue it. She even sent her meagre savings on a used Viol for Tector to practice on.

Torc was incensed by this, and beat his wife almost to death over it. He allowed Tector to keep the Viol, saying he would never be able to play it. No matter how many times Torc told Tector he was pathetic, Tector only became more determined to prove him wrong.

While Torc was away, Tector practiced tirelessly, and when his father was home, he went into the streets. He became so skilled he started busking at the carnival, earning the family more coin in one night sometimes than what his father made in a week – which only enraged and emasculated his father further.

Eventually, Torc kicked Tector out, and Tector found refuge with a company of performers. He played the local taverns and inns, and discovered a new life for himself and realised the kind of life that his natural charm and talents could make for himself.

Tector secretly hatched a plan to get his mother and sister away from his father and out of Baldur’s Gate. He took a job from a mysterious benefactor, where all he was asked to do was to provide information about what he saw and heard during his performances and after. This earned him good coin, and slowly, he was able to save up. But his father was becoming worse, beating his mother more frequently, and Tector became desperate.

He was approached by a dark and shady figure who offered him a thousand pieces of gold for the seemingly simple task of seducing a local girl he had seen before during his performances. Seeing nothing but the gold and the ability to get his family away from his father, Tector took the job. While he lay in bed with the girl, cloaked figures burst into the room and abducted her. Tector was left with a bag of gold, hearing the girl’s muffled shrieks as she was stolen into the night.

Wracked by tremendous guilt, Tector moved his mother and sisters to Neverwinter, but was haunted by the horrible thing he did to get them away. He has spent the last few years trying to redeem himself by working against those who would oppress others.


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