NG male dwarf fighter (champion)


A well-muscled middle-aged dwarf standing 4’5" with eyes the colour of coal and skin of a ruddy brown from many long years by the forge.


Regrim is a hero of the people, who once fought with King Bruenor Battlehammer to reclaim the ancestral settlement of Gauntlgrym, which he has called home for over a century. Regrim truly made a name for himself when he defeated a drow incursion into the great forge of Gauntlgrym and earned the enmity of the drow tyrant Matron Zeerith Q’Xorlarrin. To this day, Regrim has had to deal with her assassins, who may make attempts on his life at any moment.

Regrim judges by action, not words, and easily becomes impatient and bored. He is straight forward and prefers honesty and confrontation to deception and guile.

Regrim loves to work the land, both under the mountains of Gauntlgrym and on the surface. Regrim has a soft spot for the village of Thundertree, where he once had human friends. The town was founded in honour of his good friend and hero of Neverwinter, Palien. Sadly, the erruption of Mount Hotenow thirty years ago devastated the village and left it in ruins. Regrim was deeply saddened by this news, but was incensed when he learned rumours that a dragon had moved into the ruins. Regrim has vowed to drive off the dragon and see Thundertree rebuilt.


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