Lia Nightbreeze

CG female wood elf rogue (assassin)


Lia stands at 5’ tall exactly, but possesses a slightly heavy frame for an elf, her green eyes are full of youth, but her brown hair and skin tells the tale of her wood elf heritage. There is a slightly bestial hint to her features.


Lia was born to the wood elves around the Neverwinter Wood, but had a traumatic event at a young age. She does not speak of this event, and remembers little of it but wild flashbacks now and then which haunt her dreams.

Lia has refused to become a victim of her secretive past, and will not allow others to be victimised either. She chose the way of the rogue, not to do the work of a thief, but rather, to hunt down those evil things that haunt her past and see that others are saved where she could not be.

Her past haunts her on a daily basis, and seldom does she meditate fully without awakening hidden and traumatic memories which frighten her before fading once again. She has a dark calling now, placing herself and her work above the law, although she is consumed by the guilt of the things she did before in the time which must not be spoken of. She seeks redemption through saving others.

When Lia sees fire, there is a gleeful gleam to her eyes that others find disconcerting.

Lia Nightbreeze

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