Hamun Kost

Human Necromancer


Kost is a stout, red-robed figure with sallow skin, a shaved scalp, and a black tattoo on his forehead.


Kost was a Necromancer investigating the Netherse ruins of Old Owl Well. He had a retinue of 12 zombies with him, but was concerned about the orc scouting parties who were beginning to become a problem. His purpose was to discover the name of the wizard who created the tower at Old Owl Well.

The heroes negotiated with Kost, agreeing to deal with the orcs and reveal the name of the wizard that they had learned from the Banshee Agatha in exchange for an ancient Netherese ring that Kost had found in his investigations. After the transaction was made, Kost and his zombies packed up and left, heading east.

Hamun Kost

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