Hjalmar Branting

NG male half-elf ranger (beast master)


Hjalmar is slight at 5’6", but stands with aristocratic poise, despite his travel-weary outfit. Although his brown hair shows signs of a long time on the road, it is well groomed and kept, and his crisp blue eyes and pale complexion betray his noble lineage. Slightly pointed ears and a handsome face are the only signs of his elven heritage.


Born to Lord and Lady Branting of Neverwinter, Hjalmar is a child of two races, his father being a minor noble of Neverwinter, and his mother an elf maiden from Silverymoon. Hjalmar lost his father during the turbulent times in the past when many troubles came to Neverwinter. He stayed on a while, seeing to it that his mother was able to live safely in the city, before striking it out on his own.

Hjalmar has not placed himself above the common people, despite his noble birth, but he still dresses in the finery of his station, following the latest trends and fashions. He expects respect for his station, but believes that all deserve to be treated with dignity. He is determined to prove himself a hero of the people, and has spent an equal amount of time aiding in the rebuilding of Neverwinter, and travelling the wilderness, trying to connect with the common folk.

Inwardly, Hjalmar is convinced that he is important, and that all things in some way relate to his place in the world, and that he has a destiny to fulfill.

Hjalmar Branting

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