NG female stout halfling fighter (champion)


Standing at only 3’1", Bree is short of stature, but incredibly muscled for a halfling. He skin is tanned from outdoors exposure, and her brown eyes and hair give her a dirty look which is accompanied by the foul smell of one who refuses to bathe.


Bree grew up on the streets of Neverwinter, orphaned from a young age due to the troubles that came to the city and continued for generations. As a child, Bree would often sleep with her back to the wall, with all of her meagre possessions in her arms, as she rested in the pauper’s section of Neverdeath, close to the city graveyard.

In her youth, Bree ran with a gang of other Neverwinter street urchins called the Lost Ones, and was known both for her ability to nimbly pick a lock or force it with her great strength. She went by the name Silke Swiftstrong in her criminal career, and was a successful thief, considering what she was doing as not being theft if she had more use for what she was stealing than someone else.

Desperation led Bree to rob the estate of the Lord Protector, a move that has haunted her life. Her alter ego Silke Swiftstrong is now wanted in Neverwinter, and Bree is very glad that she was wearing a disguise that night.

Since then, Bree has been careful about her thieving ways, breaking away from the Lost Ones and getting work as a strong arm in the rougher parts of town. Although she knows she can steal if she has to, she wants to prove to herself that she is worthy of a better life, and so has moved away from crime to become an adventurer, hoping to win her fortunes in battle.

Recently, she was befriended by Gundren Rockseeker, who offered her the chance to work honestly and travel to the town of Phandalin where adventure calls.


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