The East Phandalin Company

Trouble at Old Owl Well

After clearing the Redbrand Hideout, the heroes returned to town with Sildar, who took up residence in the Townmaster’s Hall and started restoring order to the town. The heroes learned of a group of orcs up at Wyvern Tor, terrorising the countryside, with a reward for 100 gp, and Sildar offered a reward of 500 gp if the heroes could find Cragmaw Castle and rescue Gundren Rockseeker.

The party returned to the Inn before visiting a number of locals, looking for information. They visited an ex adventurer, the Orchard keeper, Daran Edermath, who told them he had heard stories from prospectors that someone has been digging around the ruins there, and that miners have been chased off by undead.

They also were told of a druid who lives in the outskirts of the ruins of Thundertree named Reidoth. Reidoth supposedly knows the region better than any other, and should know the location of Cragmaw Castle, or any other important feature of the area, perhaps even the mines that Gundren and his brothers found.

The party set out towards the ruins of Conyberry, following the Triboar Trail, with the intentions of visiting Old Owl Well, and Wyvern Tor. They camped for the night in Conyberry, and spied a mysterious path. They followed it to a mysterious place in the woods, where a spirit confronted them, telling them to leave. The group was able to persuade the Banshee Agatha to tell them about the history of Old Owl Well. They learned that it was an ancient Netherese tower, built more than five thousand years ago by the wizard Arthindol.

They left then in peace, and proceeded to Old Owl Well, where they found an encampment owned by a red wizard of Thay named Hamun Kost. After learning that he was a necromancer, with a legion of zombies at his command, the group came to a deal. Kost was looking for the name of the wizard who built the tower, and the party had already learned it from Agatha. The group and Kost struck a deal – they would agree to visit Wyvern Tor and take care of the orcs that were scouting around Kost’s dig site and in return, Kost would give the group an ancient Netherese ring he found, in exchange for the name of the wizard.

The group went to Wyvern Tor, avoiding a goblin ambush along the way. They proceeded to a cave guarded by a lone orc, and took him out, mounting a surprise attack on the orcs in the cave. They fought fiercely against eight orcs and an ogre, but prevailed, leaving one alive to question about additional orcs, which gave them the information they needed to ambush the returning scouting party later that evening.

The group returned to Old Owl Well, and Kost set off home after making the trade. The group chose to camp for the night in the ruins. At night, during the watch, they heard the howling of wolves getting closer…



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