The East Phandalin Company

The Tomb of Arthindol

Ghost of the dragonslayer

The heroes were assaulted by wolves at night whilst camping in the ruins of Old Owl Well. They quickly dispatched the beasts, and were met by Lia. However, as she joined the party, the ground inside the tower ruin gave way, revealing a chamber underneath.

Determined to explore the ruin, the heroes climbed down by rope, Tector slipping and falling to the ground, but suffering no major injuries. The cavern led to the well, but also to an ancient stone door that the group determined to be of Netherese origin, and almost 5000 years old.

The adventurers unlocked the tomb, and found a peaceful fountain in the middle of the room, along with two alcoves with two sarcophagi each. Bree disturbed the sarcophagus in the southwestern corner, and was assaulted by shadow. Hjalmar was able to understand the Ancient Netherese language, but it did not keep the spirits from attacking. A spirit rose from each of the four sarcophagi.

After defeating the shades, the group discovered marvellous treasures in the form of a Doss Lute, a Netherese Rapier, and an amulet, all of which were magical in nature. They then entered the final chamber and encountered the ghost of Arthindol the builder of the tower and dragonslayer. Rather than fight the spirit, Hjalmar translated, informing Arthindol of what had transpired since his death. The party convinced Arthindol to aid them against the dragon of Thundertree, and the ghost gave them the treasure he was buried with, an Arrow of Dragon Slaying, which he possessed.

With the treasures in hand, the heroes headed back to Phandalin, with the goal of resupplying before striking out for Thundertree where they might find information as to the location of Cragmaw Castle from a druid who lives there.

Along the road, the party was assaulted by a fearsome owlbear.



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