The East Phandalin Company

The Dragon of Thundertree

Sayonara Herr Nilsson

The heroes set out to return to Phandalin, armed with knowledge and weapons to face off against the creature that dwells at their next destination – the green dragon that has claimed the ruins of Thundertree.

After being attacked by a rampaging owlbear, the heroes arrived back safely in Phandalin to resupply and bid farewell to Lerissa the Tiefling Monk who departed for her temple to try and regain control of the demonic rage inside of her. The group collected the reward for dispatching the orcs at Wyvern Torr and after a night’s rest at the Stonehill Inn, journeyed back towards the city of Neverwinter bound for Thundertree.

After another owlbear attack, the party camped for the night amongst a strange rock fromation on a hill overlooking the ruins of Thundertree, where they spied their deadly quarry – a young green dragon – flying overhead. Resting up for the night, the heroes quickly discovered that the stones were in fact graves, and were attacked by restless ghouls, although their increasing skill allowed them to dispatch them swiftly.

The following day, they entered the ruins, and met with the druid Reidoth, a man of few words. He agreed to tell the heroes the location of Cragmaw Castle, the goblin fortress where they knew Gundren Rockseeker had been taken, and warned the group that the ruins were haunted by twig blights, ash zombies, a strange cult that appeared recently, and of course, worst of all, the dragon.

venomfang.pngThe heroes were determined to slay the dragon, but not before clearing out the ruins. When they were sure that the beast slept in its lair, they began to systematically clear out the ruins, facing off against tiny animated plants, zombies that just would not stay down, and a cult that was destroyed in mere seconds once combat was certain.

The group then hatched a plan to face off against the dragon. Lia and Regrim used magic to fly, whilst Bree, Tector, Hjalmar and Herr Nilsson assaulted from the ground. The dragon was not taken unawares however, and spewed its poison breath over the heroes. Lia cocked her bow with Arthindol, but missed her first shot, while the heroes drove at full force at the dragon. While the others distracted the beast, Lia flew down and retrieved the arrow, firing a second time, this time the ancient spirit struck true and the dragon was grievously wounded and made to retreat. It spew its breath a final time, claiming the life of poor Herr Nilsson, but the heroes struck a mighty final blow, and slew the beast.



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